Back in 2019, I took a class with Equalate about company values ​​(equality, diversity and inclusion). It then became clear to me, as a small business owner, to also create openness and security during my productions. I respect people regardless of peculiarities, differences and possible obstacles. I choose not to manipulate created material afterwards so that people could appear wrongly. I try to use the train to assignments, since nature is close to me. The important thing is that we have fun when we create photos/film together!

Further on, I love to find out exactly what you as a client want to convey to your customers. What do your finished videos evoke?
I ask question after question after question. To simply land in great results.


“A great team player, full of enthusiasm and just great to be on set with. Worked great with the crew and produced a great BTS cut”.

Benji Borg


“His vision and skills are amazing. Havn´t seen anyone like him so far. The first interview was perfect. Thank you, great job!”.

Guillermo Morales

Director, Outdoor Sports Agency

“Johan made my job in front of the camera easier. I had an idea what I wanted to create and he made it better and more magical.

Sanne Aronsson

Founder, Sould Coach Schoo

“What he creates around himself is unique. A warm and respectful treatment of others that makes people feel safe and creative”.

Johanna Lundin

CEO, Equalate

“I have had the privilege to work with Johan in Malta and Dubai. A true professional with the right mindset and work ethic”.

Kurt Arrigo

Professional Photographer, Malta

“I´m picky when it comes to working with people. But Johan can take a vision and implement it better than you imagined”.

Fredrik Fernlund

Founder & Digital Strategist, Snajd