Heading out for the first VAN-experience. Sick feeling.

Alright, first of all. I´ll be writing in English from now on. Actually I´ll stop blogging quite soon unfortunately. I thought it would give more but it didn´t. I now have a better strategic plan on how to gain more exposure out there. More to come later. Anyway, the first trip is finally here with the car I´ve worked on for a while.

I´ll update with some shots here below next week as we enter Norway on Monday. WE you say? Yes, my friend Måns Nyström (same last name) will join me on this adventure. Until then, here is my latest production and I will probably run out of battery a few times with my drone up there. Excited! If you are here for the first time you can check my VAN-updates of the built and what this is about.

WOW Norway, this won´t be the last time I see you. Glad to finally having the chance to see a bit more. Right now we´re in a café in Leksne just waiting for the rain to stop a bit more before we go on a hike.

The VAN is doing extremely good and it´s supernice to be able to see how things work out and what I´ll change/add when I come back home. We met up with a friends friend last night at a surfcamp in Unstad, had a nice walk by the beach and taking each day as it comes. No rush, just do what we feel like.

Sorry for this late update. Yesterday we camped in a place in the middle of nowhere with crappy connection. Woke up with a coffee in my hand next to the riverside. A bit better temperature. Me and Måns have been on two impressive hikes up Offersøykammen & Reinebringen (below). Quite insane places that everybody should check out. Thought I wasn´t afraid of hights but I was. 700m straight down…!

On the whole we´re very pleased with this journey. Amazing scenery, sunrises, riding with the side door open for 20km (my fault), laughing and more. Even extremely close to hit a moose that crossed the road.  Måns has been a super-great travel partner with a lot of tips and energy even though he loves to sleep in the mornings 😉 There will be a possibility for other freelancers to join me on upcoming trips, just hit me up and we´ll see what´s possible. I´m thinking about the south of Europe by the start of next year!

I´ve collected a few drone shots which was my purpose together with seeing how the VAN was doing along the way and will post some later on my Instagram and Facebook. As I mentioned earlier, my blog won´t be any more. Will come up with another way to reach out my friends. Next up is a new Showreel and I´ll change everything into English. Basically my friend told me ”You sound like a typically Västerås-based company. Fuck that shit”. I totally agree with him. I want to take another approach for 2019.

Thanks for checking in on this update friends! <3