Here is a list of things you can think of before ordering your next event video.

In cooperation with Sthlm Eventfoto, we have developed a few different basic packages for your company when you wish to document and film your upcoming events. These start at 17,500:- SEK ex. VAT. (prices further down the link above). Before we can get back to you with an exact price, we need information about your choice of package, together with an email with this:

1. Date. Event time (from – to). Location and possible parking.
2. The schedule for your event. Please send it if possible.
3. List of things that are important to capture. Please highlight this.
4. Music selection. Select one on Artlist or we’ll help you.
5. Extra: Text animations, interviews or maybe drone shots? (not included).

Here is an example of an event film for Västerås & Co earlier in 2017. An event that lasted for three days where they had a clear list of which parts from start that were important, which meant that I didn´t have to be in ”stand by mode”. The feeling they wanted was ”great festival” with different people and activities.

It´s also important to try to describe the feeling or style you want to convey. Should it be a fast tempo with quick clips, focus on people or perhaps an informative event video with people telling what impact the project has given them? If you find or have seen a video you like, please send it!

Tech Pilots differs a lot from the city festival video. Shot in Linköping during half a day where they let the students talk about the opportunities they were given by participating. I have also worked five years in a row with Young Entrepreneurs, to attract more people to start their own businesses and win prizes.

”When working for us, he works under extreme time pressure – yet the film is phenomenal. I recommend Johan to anyone looking to hire a creative and professional filmmaker. A bonus is that he is also fun, cool and a real smart person!”. /Josefin Bengtsson, Young Entrepreneurs, Södermanland.

Looking forward to create your next event video!